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Remember the time when you went to the theatres and bought yourself the popcorn combo set. You start munching on them, but they, unfortunately, did not hit the spot. Then, you get that one rare popcorn that’s fully coated in caramel and leaves you wanting more. Now, imagine a bag full of only that kind of popcorn. Now, that’s a quality snack. Supremeo is a local snack manufacturer that makes the best popcorn in Malaysia. Each kernel is fully coated for a mouth-watering experience!


Directly imported from America and South Africa, the premium mushroom type popcorn kernel has been specifically chosen for its superior taste and form. These types of kernels are non-GMO, which means that they are naturally fresh, rich in nutrients, and grown without any use of toxic chemicals. Everybody loves snacks; there’s literally no demographic that’s not a fan. And if we’re talking popcorn, Malaysians just can’t get enough of them! We can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper.

pop corn ingredient

Take it up a notch by concocting your very own trail mix with this chocolate popcorn. Grab yourself a handful of popcorn and mix it in with some nuts and strawberries for a hearty and healthy snack bowl. Finally, there’s something low in calories yet delicious, perfect for those who are watching their weight. Make yourself a bowl for your next movie binge session at home! Supremeo promises a satisfying crunch in every bite of popcorn. All packaging that the popcorns go into is sealed twice to ensure the freshness is kept. Eat it fresh or eat them chilled for a whole other experience. Refrigerate the chocolate popcorn and enjoy the cold and crisp sensation it gives off with every single bite. 


Supremeo’s dark chocolate popcorn comes in a range of packs. From individual bags (60g), canisters (100g+extra 20g) to king tubs (240g), take your pick and get them for yourself or to share with family and friends. For those non-chocolate lovers out there, there are also other flavours available to try out. Get the classic caramel popcorn made from only real caramel and butter, or get adventurous with the salted egg flavour. 


Supremeo, as a professional snack manufacturer, has also made sure that all its products are produced under strict standards to create a delicious taste everyone can enjoy. All products are HALAL, GMP & HACCP certified and adhere to both local and international standards of quality. For the love of dark chocolate popcorn, get snacking! Find out more about Supremeo and their love for popcorn here.

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