Supremeo Popcorn Chocolate 100g Extra 20%


Ingredients for Chocolate Flavoured Popcorn: White sugar, corn kernel, glucose syrup, butter, dextrose, cocoa powder, creamer, soy lecithin, salt, soda bicarbonate, potassium sorbate, sodium metabisulfite and butylated hydroxyanisole.

Contains soybean and milk products.
Contains permitted preservatives and antioxidants.
Contains emulsifier and anti-foaming agents as permitted food conditioners.
Contains sulphur dioxide.

Ramuan untuk Bertih Jagung Berperisa Coklat: Gula putih, biji jagung, sirap glukosa, mentega, dextrosa, serbuk koko, krimer, soya lesitin, garam, soda bikarbonat, kalium sorbat, natrium metabisulfit, dan butylated hydroxyanisole.

Mengandungi kacang soya dan produk tenusu.
Mengandungi pengawet dan antioksidan yang dibenarkan.
Mengandungi pengemulsi dan agen antibuih sebagai kondisioner makanan yang dibenarkan.
Mengandungi sulfur dioksida.

Store in a cool and dry place.
Simpan di tempat yang kering dan dingin.

Made in Malaysia / Buatan Malaysia

Capacity: 120g

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